Best Sports Moment in History

Today, in their last game, my son’s soccer team finished the season undefeated.

It was his 6th birthday.

And when he scored his goal, he sprinted straight off the field, shouting joy, and tackled me in front of his team, his coach, his opponents, the entire kindergarten-YMCA-soccer-world.

They say winning the Super Bowl is great. I cry when my basketball favorites win the NCAA tournament. A World Series win for the home team is amazing, especially when you are in the ballpark. A victory at the Kentucky Derby, a gold medal at the Olympics… until today, they were the best moments in sports.

But nothing in all of sports will ever again beat my son tackling me after his goal the day he turned six.

When the Youngest Plays Soccer

My five year old joined a YMCA soccer team. It’s his first extra-curricular activity besides following his big brothers to theirs. During his five years of being a spectator at every practice, game, lesson and recital, he has gained something the other two lack – a desperate desire to come off the bench.

No dandelion-picking for him!

While he has yet to score, he takes joy in his teammates’ successes.

Although he is not quick, he runs with a determined eye on the ball, arms swinging, never stopping even when passed.

When the coach calls the team, he is the first to be at Coach’s side with a hi-five.

When he is on the sidelines, he may use even more energy jumping up and down than he does on the field.

And he yells. He yells when he’s on the field. He yells off the field.

When his brothers pretend to know more about soccer than he does, he covers his ears. “I don’t need any advices!”

Most important, though, he can’t stop smiling at everyone. It is finally his turn in the spotlight. And this little man is making the most of it.