Our Generous Friends

My fourteen year old son babysits. We have instructed him that since he is just starting out and needs a ride home, he can charge $5 an hour.

His first few clients have been our friends. They, apparently, think we are mean. They do not believe in $5 an hour. They feel like they are taking advantage.

He is thrilled and amazed at their generosity. Eager to babysit when needed like Superman answering their call.

You often read that college graduates can’t find jobs and are working for minimum wage hoping something comes along in their field. In fact, a job listing recently caught my interest until I saw that, while “preferring” someone with a Masters degree – which I have on top of thirty years of experience – it paid less per hour than what my fourteen year old came home with after his last three babysitting gigs.

As parents, we would like him to aspire to be a mechanical engineer, inventor, technology guru, doctor, business owner.

But he might be smarter to stick with babysitting.

It has definitely inspired his work ethic. For that, I thank our generous friends.