Dirty Knees and Grass Stains

A washcloth and my exfoliating lotion cannot cure my 6th grader’s dirty knees. Even after a long shower, the dirt remains – a souvenir from the best moment of his day. Recess.

Today, his knees are fluorescent green.

He dives for the football. Slides into first base. Beats his opponent to the soccer ball only by skidding into it. You see, when you fall, it looks more dramatic. Your effort gets recognized even when you get beat. Top 10 moves on SportsCenter.

So he sacrifices his body for the highlight reel in his mind, dirty grass-stained knees his badge of honor.

I ask him if his friends say anything – “No!” – and realize that he is not alone. There is a little gang of dirty knees proving their mettle in every field and schoolyard.