When Boys Dress Themselves

It was 29 degrees when we left for school today. My fifth grader came down in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. For two days, he has deliberately walked past the clothes I’ve left for him on the railing outside the boys’ bedroom. Fine. He’s past the age when I should have stopped that anyway.

But I made a rule just yesterday that after Halloween (especially if it is 29 degrees out), my kids have to wear at least one long something – either long pants or a long-sleeve shirt. So I sent him back upstairs to change.

Mean mom.

He came down still wearing the shorts, black with blue and florescent yellow stripes. On top, he was wearing dark green plaid. Totally over-patterned.

But I didn’t say a word.

A few days before, my six year old dressed himself to go out to dinner. He climbed into the car wearing a navy shirt with red stripes, poorly matched with orange and brown plaid shorts.

They clearly inherited my lack of fashion savvy. But certain colors do not go together! Don’t mix plaids! Plaids and stripes? Often an even worse combo! How do they not see that?!

But I didn’t say a word.

One “mean mom”-ordered trip back upstairs to change a day is plenty. If they can’t get it right it after that, they will have to try again tomorrow.

As long as they don’t get frostbite on the playground.