Parent Engagement in Schools

I am excited that Ed News in Colorado published my first submission to them! It is on the need for increased parent engagement in public education. I have been learning a lot about this topic, through conversations with people doing research on this topic, so will likely write more here in the coming weeks. My thinking continues to evolve as I learn more, and I believe that if we can help parents better understand what’s happening in their schools and with their child’s performance in school, we can improve the schools themselves.

Please read and comment if you are inspired to do so.


How Children Succeed

I started reading Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed for my book club, which focuses on parenting and education books. I thought I was going to get ideas for how to help my own kids have the grit and discipline and strength of character to be successful in school and beyond. Instead, it made me think outside of my own family to the bigger picture of children and adolescents around the country. It made me want to find a way to reach the kids Tough writes about, who do not have the advantages of a safe neighborhood, good school and comfortable home. His book makes you wonder if the only way to improve our schools is to work with one student and, as important, their family at a time.

Please read my book review on Yahoo Voices.