An Empty Library

My son is looking at high schools. He has visited two of five schools so far, and it strikes me with each visit that what excites him most makes me wary.

After the first: “I could go to Chipotle every single day for lunch!”

And…“everyone carries their phones around everywhere, even into class!”

After the second: “I only saw one device that wasn’t an Apple product!”

And… “no one uses their lockers because there are no textbooks. They’re totally digital!”

And then when I walked into the old library, there wasn’t a single book. The tour guide said, ”When we realized that only three books were checked out one entire year, we turned the library into a resource center.”

Schools with no books. Makes me sad.

Library Book Drama

On September 27, 2012, my third grader checked out Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. Just before Christmas Break, we received an email from the school librarian that he had yet to return it.

I asked him to find it. He cried.

A terrible injustice had been done. He had returned it and someone else must have picked it out of the basket before it got checked back in. He was certain of it.

“Well, if the Librarian says it is still missing, I just want you to look around to make sure,” I recall saying.

Weeping, he wandered into his bedroom, picked up a few books in an effort to seem like he was trying, then threw himself on his bed. The king of drama.

This weekend, February 15, 2013, we received a follow-up email. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days was still missing.

Again, “it’s not fair! I returned it!”

I asked him to take another look around his room. He refused. So his brother, who is no real investigative genius himself, took the baton. Within minutes, he had a pile of Wimpy Kid books. The final one to be found was Dog Days. “Found it.”

“But I returned it!” the third grader wailed as if this was some new wrong done to him.

“Then, I guess, just to get you in trouble six months ago, the book walked itself back from the library all the way to our house.”

At last, that sheepish grin! And one long lost book is on its way back to the library. Justice served. Drama over just like that.

Now, let’s see how many days it takes for him to remember it’s in his backpack.