Family Fantasy Football: A Night to Celebrate

Our 2013 Family Fantasy Football competition is at an end. Those of you who followed it know that The Best and Luke Skywalker found themselves in the Super Bowl with dinner and their pride at stake.

Tonight, we ate Froot Loops.

Yes, our five year old was victorious. We each held a Froot Loop in the air and said cheers to the winner before eating it alongside Christmas dinner leftovers.

And the strutting and bragging about 2014 has already begun.

The Best says he will be Better. The fourth place (out of six) winner, who we were trying to teach the art of smack-talking, is already trying to join someone else’s team. The Froot Loop lover and 2013 champion claims he will take the prize again with the exact same players. The dog enjoys the scene, waiting eagerly for a Froot Loop to fall amid the celebration.

The poor third place holder glares across the table plotting his revenge. “You’re going down next year,” our shocked expert says to the rosy-cheeked, know-nothing five year old taking a victory lap around the dining room table.

And me? In last place? Eating Froot Loops for dinner? I am thinking football is not my sport.

Just wait, kids, for March Madness to see what your Mama can do!