Walking the Dog Today

Our dog Star, who is not a star, randomly threw herself at a moving car on our walk today. I wasn’t ready, because she typically saves her “crazy” for big, mean trucks and yappy little dogs that look like bunnies.

I don’t know what snapped in that dog-brain of hers. It’s a beautiful day. A regular car. No loud car rumble. No young pup hanging its head out the window taunting her.

But her leash was loose. I wasn’t ready.

My dog was hit by a car today. Or really, the car was hit by Star. A full body slam.

A smack and a yelp.

The car slowed, but drove on.

She hobbled to my side. Sat down, holding her paw up to be checked like she knows the drill. Like she gets injured battling evil cars all the time.

Then Star, who is not a star, dragged me around the neighborhood as if nothing had happened.

I kept the leash tight and Star close. She ignored the yappy dogs. Discovered no bunnies. Didn’t notice the other cars at all, until a little red sportscar passed on our return home.

I don’t know what snapped in that dog-brain of hers, but this time, I was ready. Star and the car survive to see another day.

When a Little Boy Listens

His window was open on the way home from school. He blinked sleepily, heavy lids, and leaned his head against the side of the car, looking out.

“Do you know what sound I like in the world, Mom?”


“When there’s a little wind and the leaves are rustling together, and you’re driving by with the window open.”

Music in the Car

With family arriving to celebrate Christmas in a few days.

I rarely have music playing in my car. The combination of three boys talking over each other and loud lyrics is enough to make me crazy.

But the other day, I needed some music. With no knowledge of radio station numbers, I pressed “Seek” until I found a classical station. Turned up the volume.

When my fourteen year old got in the car after school, he immediately noticed. “Are you getting the car ready for Grandpop?”

Nope, but Grandpop would love that you thought so.

The Kids in the Car

Every once in a while (or at least every other day), a major newspaper publishes an article or opinion piece that makes me slightly crazy. So I vent a little. I have been reading a lot lately, so prepare for a few jennsventing (jennswondering’s evil twin) posts.