Door Prize

My son taped a new sign to his bedroom door in a fit of rage against mom for saying that riding one’s scooter back and forth outside a neighbor’s house with a baseball ready to throw at him was “acting like a bully.”

“No Moms!” said the door.

When his rage cooled two days later, he dragged me down the hall to show me his change of heart. Smiling, he waved his hand at the door as if presenting me with a great prize.


At least it is a green sercole for now.


3 thoughts on “Door Prize

  1. Richard J Dowling says:

    A friend has posted a comment on this Jennswondering.


  2. Lefty Wright says:

    “Famous later on for granite self-control, he had been a hot-tempered youth. ‘I wish I could say that he governs his temper,’ Lord Halifax wrote to the mother of the sixteen-year-old Washington. ‘He is subject to attacks of anger and provocation, sometimes without just cause.'”
    . . . in Alexander Hamilton (Ron Chernow), 2004.

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