Average People Need Hugs

I had already suffered through my dental cleaning and re-entered the house to find my teenage son on the couch where I had left him with one instruction: do the breakfast dishes.

They remained piled in the sink, syrup hardened onto plates, a rim of leftover coffee beginning to stain the bottom of a cup.

He looked up from his iPad, “Mom, did you know that smart people prefer to be alone?”

My random fact guy, but I assumed he was using this “fact” to explain why he had not invited a friend over today when offered the chance.

“But dumb people and just average people want to be around other people. Proof that you’re not that smart.” Big grin.

As if the dentist wasn’t bad enough. I also get to be the mom of a teenager.

Of course, later that same day, he approached me, arms open wide. “Mom, you look like you need a hug.”


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