FYI: Mom is a Bird-Hater

Our oldest son is the perfect candidate for independent study. Writing assignments from school require pulling teeth and tears, but apparently, if he chooses the topic and has a goal, he takes it on with relish. Yesterday, he handed my husband and I a stamped envelop addressed to us. Inside was this letter:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am writing to you to tell you that I really wanted a pet recently, and I found out facts about the pet I want – a parakeet.

  • The name comes from the French word “paroquet” which translates to parrot.
  • It is called “bugie” in other countries, such as the UK and Australia.
  • When tamed, parakeets can talk, whistle, and fly to your shoulder when you call.
  • Parakeets are loyal and friendly birds who are very social.

I found out all this from

I would love a parakeet to have a loyal companion, play with it, and train it. It would make my stressful life easier. If I get one, I will clean out its cage every week and feed it every day.

From your son.

A parakeet?!

Dear son, Love you, great effort, but no way. Mom and Dad.


One thought on “FYI: Mom is a Bird-Hater

  1. Lefty Wright says:

    Just one word for Mom and Dad:

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