The 500th Post

Yesterday marked my 500th blog post on jennswondering. It began almost exactly five years ago in an effort to learn blogging so I could list it as a skill for potential clients. It has turned into a five-year (so far) capturing of moments in my sons’ lives. 500 small moments that we, as a family, might otherwise forget. One day, I will share them with the boys, when I am old enough that they feel obligated to forgive me. And they are old enough to recognize what I see in them each time they inspire me to write: unique, funny, creative, sweet, smart, much-loved boys.


6 thoughts on “The 500th Post

  1. Cindi O'Hara says:

    Congratulations on your 500th! Thanks to your mother, I have been following you for 3 years and have been inspired by every one. Wish I had written more when my boys were young (they are 32 and33 now). What a treasure for your sons to have these insightful, loving memories . Beautifully written!! Thank you

  2. Lana Oosterhouse says:

    Through your eyes, I have laughed, I have sighed, I have cried at the experiences of your boys. Love them, love you!

  3. Laura Montoya says:

    Fantastic. You are a tremendous writer!

  4. bursh1 says:

    Congratulations dear… It’s quite a great achievement😇

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