Is Today Really a Sick Day?

When my third grader found out that I am babysitting his cousin because she doesn’t have school today, he wilted a little.

I put his bagel in front of him, and he moaned, snuggling deeper into the bright blue fleece blanket he had wrapped himself in before coming downstairs.

“I don’t feel so good.”

I kissed the top of his head.

“No really. Everything feels squiggly and squirmy like a bunch of snakes.”

“In your eyes or your tummy?”

“Both.” He reached his hand out from his blanket, weaving it slightly in front of the bagel as if the breakfast itself were moving, alive. A B-movie performance.

“Poor guy.”

I waited a couple of minutes, then… “Isn’t today the day I promised we’d stop at the School Store?”

The blanket fell from his shoulders. A straight reach for the bagel this time. Squiggly, squirmy feelings gone.

Funny how buying a goofy pen at the School Store cures what ails a third grader.


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