Their Social Secretary

My kids are at that transitional age when social lives pick up, but mom is still making the plans. It struck me during a snow day last week that it is time to pass the torch.

When I was 13, I would call my friends’ home phones – I still remember their numbers – “Do you want to sleepover Friday?”

“Mom,” I would hear through the phone, “can I sleepover at Jenn’s?”

And that was it. Minimal parental involvement. In fact, the moms rarely talked until pick-up on Saturday morning.

Or if she lived in the neighborhood, “Mom, I’m going to Mary’s!” And the screen-door banged shut behind me as soon as I heard “Be home for dinner!”

Our lives, at 13, were more our own. Our time was ours to manage. Our friendships were ours to maintain and nourish. We weren’t waiting for our moms to call their friends to make our plans. How tied down our 12 and 13 year olds must feel!

Then on this last snow day, I got a call. A boy’s voice. My son’s friend. Apparently, he was not answering his phone. I handed mine over so they could talk. A minute later, “Mom, can I got to…”

Ready to fly out the door.

It is time.

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