Acronyms and My So Smart Teen

My boys were very happy with their week with Grandmom. She loves Jimmy Johns as much they do and kept them at their homework. They enjoyed sitting with her at dinner, stating their strong opinions about the Presidential primaries and picking her brain about her Democratic leanings, mostly because they contradict, at times, the views of Dad.

They loved that she calls Peyton Manning “her boyfriend”, can talk about football, and had a blast watching the Super Bowl with them… on the television.

For my thirteen year old, a funny little thing caught his attention. The day after Grandmom’s departure, I caught him giggling and muttering “the television.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Grandmom always says ‘the television.’”

Blank stare from me.

“‘Let’s watch the television.’ ‘Can you turn on the television?’”


“Doesn’t she know we use acronyms now? Like TV?”

What a funny thing to pick up on.


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