Colorado Skiing and Broncos Football

“Are you watching the game up here?”

“You heading back before kickoff?”

On any Broncos game weekend, that’s what friends and strangers alike will ask you on the chairlift, slope-side or riding up the gondola.

This past play-off weekend, despite plenty of snow and gorgeous sunny weather, avid skiers, gunning for their “vertical-feet” record, put seasonal legacies aside for something bigger. Something worth sacrificing a perfect ski day for – our Broncos.

“We’re leaving at 7am.” On Sunday. A ski day.

Everywhere you looked Saturday, skiers wore football jerseys over their jackets. Orange and blue was everywhere. Men, women, children, boys, girls.

And then, there were my skiers and their friends. “We’re leaving at 7.” “Go Broncos!” Huge fans.

Yet of five boys age eight to thirteen, not one wore a Broncos shirt. Expressing their individuality. Egging each other on in competition for best team, best favorite player, best team trivia knowledge. They donned Packers, Falcons, Chiefs, Lions, and even Patriots jerseys and welcomed the attention they got as they sped down black diamonds and crashed off jumps they didn’t quite see.

The Lions’ fan counted ten “Go Lions!”

The Packers fan boasted five or six “Nice jersey, dude! Go Packs!”

But on playoff Sunday, we left at 7.

“Go Broncos!” “Go Peyton!” “Our defense rocks!”

And we were all home for the game. Yelling. At times, covering our eyes. Praying. Cheering. Jumping up and down. Hugging. A team worth the sacrifice of a perfect ski Sunday, because we get to do it again in two weeks.





One thought on “Colorado Skiing and Broncos Football

  1. Diane Padalino says:

    so cute! Love it. people from the east coast probably don’t believe it.  ************************************ Cell: 303.870.5576

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