Imagine the Ponzi Schemes….

At dinner the other night, the family was ganging up on our seventh grader. We were betting that, after failing to bring home a book report form that day, he would not remember it again.

“Who thinks he’s going to forget it again?” And we all raised our hands.

It is a good thing he has a sense of humor. “How about if I forget it, I pay you each $5? But if I remember, then you each pay me $5.”

“No way!” we yelled in unison.

But his brother hatched a plan. “How about if you forget, you pay us $5, and if you remember, you only pay us $1? It’s a win-win!” Big grin.

Apparently, in his mind, a win-win does not benefit both parties. It’s a win for him… twice.

Not sure if he really thinks that’s what it means or it’s just another occasion when he is turning the world to his advantage.


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