And Then There Were Girls

My sixth grader recently stopped insisting that he hates girls. He still rarely mentions them by name. If you ask which girls were on the team or in the class, he says he doesn’t remember. If you say the name of a girl he knows, he either blushes or rolls his eyes.

But on October 30, he went to his first real party. A Halloween party to which his entire grade was invited. Food. Music. Costumes. He said it was fun. He smiled a lot. But he gave no report.

I heard from another mom that as a result of the party, there are now a few who are dating. That night, she went down the list of her son’s friends with him. “Yes. No. No. No.” When she asked him if my son had a girlfriend, he replied, “He’s waiting for high school.”

She said he was wise.

On October 31, the boys went trick-or-treating for hours. Texts flew from cell phone to cell phone, as some of the girls tried to find the boys. And the boys tried to find the girls. When the girls and boys finally met up though, my son headed home.

“Are you okay?” I asked. His trash bag of candy was so heavy he had to keep switching shoulders.

“The girls just walk down the middle of the street talking. They skip houses. If I am not going to get more candy, then what’s the point?”

He doesn’t hate them. He’s just not ready for them – still a little kid who wants as many Kit-Kats and Twix Bars as he can carry. And wise to wait.

One thought on “And Then There Were Girls

  1. LEFTY WRIGHT says:

    Wise to wait, indeed!
    There’s a whole world out there to conquer. No time for diversions. Diversions (incl. computer games and girls) definitely not permitted!

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