Considering Religion at 13

My son will be applying to high schools next year, and he is getting the big sales pitch from some friends, who are freshmen at a Catholic school near our house. We drove by to check out the campus, and he was thrilled.

“This is even nicer than I thought,” he said with a good view of the football stadium.

You can also see a large stained glass window as soon as you pull into the main driveway.

“…But I’m thinking the religious classes are wasted on me.”

I was not going to let that stand. “You realize that religion is the basis for understanding most good literature, history, war, politics, art, architecture? If you don’t study religion, you’re going to miss out on a whole lot.”

“Well then,” he smiled, “another reason this is the school for me!”

I am glad he is still so malleable at 13. It makes my job much easier.


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