Santa’s Note

It seems you have reached that age when you start trying to figure me out. You stay up later and wake up earlier – all in the hopes of seeing your gifts before Mom and Dad. Or catching a glimpse of my red coat. It’s a fun time for me. Your parents and I have to work together – not like when you were little and wouldn’t dare sneak downstairs in the dark.

Despite a few bumps in the road and a red card or two, you have all been great this year. I am as proud as your parents of how well you are doing at school and what nice friends you are. Here are my instructions for you in 2015:

Have fun and explore. Take risks. Sing a solo. Make new friends. Try new things.

Treat your knowledge as a gift that you share with your classmates. You will enjoy school much more when you figure this out.

Practice more.

Celebrate your talents by challenging yourselves to go faster, higher, smarter than you did yesterday. Work toward your goals without discouragement. It is the “trying” that will make you great even if it leads you down unplanned paths to unexpected victories.

Be patient with your brothers. Be kind. Laugh at your Dad’s jokes. Hug your Mom. Put away your laundry…. and shower, wear underwear, and brush your teeth every day.

Until next year, my fine fellows…

One thought on “Santa’s Note

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    LOL!! I love this!! Sweet, funny and true!! great post!!

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