At Least the Hair Looks Good

A few days before Thanksgiving, my twelve year old told me he was out of toothpaste. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday, however, I forgot to buy more.

Then with family returned to the east coast and supplies low, I announced that I was heading to the store. “Anybody need anything?”

The usual requests… chocolate Oreo ice cream and Froot Loops from the kids, and almonds and anything protein from my husband.

And then…

“You still didn’t get me my toothpaste.”

I started to add it to the list.

“I haven’t been able to brush my teeth for three whole days.”

Now, wait a minute!

There are multiple bathrooms in our house that have plenty of toothpaste. He is twelve. There were six times in three days when he likely stood at the sink and made the decision to do nothing about the lack of toothpaste.

No toothpaste. Shoulder shrug. Start the day. No toothpaste. Shoulder shrug. Climb into bed. Still no toothpaste, but the hair looks good. Start the day.

Learned helplessness? Laziness? Or is he just gross?!


One thought on “At Least the Hair Looks Good

  1. mamalisa4 says:

    This sounds like my son (he’s eight). Honestly, if its not right there in front of him, its like it doesn’t exists. This is a child that will get off a bus in a snow storm with no winter coat!!!! Where is his coat? He forgot it at school IN A SNOW STORM!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I just don’t even know anymore! BUT he will fix his hair at seven in the morning to jump back in bed and watch television. Sorry to vent, but I feel your pain. I find I am always asking “Seriously?”

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