The Bug Project: Extra Credit

My sixth grader’s science class is studying insects. They catch them live, freeze them, then pin them to a display board. They can now identify various moths and beetles, and are quite adept at describing metamorphosis, molting and more. They know about the emerald ash borer moving west across the U.S. and killing millions of tress. They know how delicate the dragonfly’s wings are and how hard to pin.

This weekend, my son brought home a movie to watch for extra credit. It was an hour and a half of bug-watching to music. The climax? Two snails making out to opera.

“Oh my god!” squealed the boys when they realized what they were watching.

At 8:30 p.m. after a busy day of soccer and Lego Club and playing at the park, I was certain we would last ten minutes. My eyelids drooped.

But they did not stay closed for long. The sixth grader was creating dialogue with different bug voices. The first grader egged him on, rolling across the bed, giggling.

And the fifth grader kept yelling “gross!” or “no way!” or “that’s sick!”

Who knew bugs could be so entertaining?!

We watched the entire movie.

Then this morning, drinking coffee while sitting with our dog outside, I watched a bee briefly touch each leaf that had fallen to the ground and heard my son’s funny bee voice say, “Darn, no pollen. I’m so thirsty!”


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