Short Shorts and Sunglasses

On a recent summer trip with our kids, we took the gondola up to the top of a mountain, where summertime fun includes guided hikes with amazing views, a climbing wall, hula-hoops, a sandbox and bungee trampoline.

The lines were longer than I had hoped, but it left time for observation.

Once I had absorbed the beauty of sky and trees and mountaintop wildflowers, I began watching some of the other families and groups enjoying their vacations.

There were a few clusters of girls that grabbed my attention.

First, two girls, probably 13, and their proud Dad watching a four year old sister bounce in pigtails and a pink dress on the bungee trampoline. Their shorts were so short that a good portion of their bare butts were visible to all.

There was another group of girls waiting right behind my guys. They were probably 12 or 13 too, laughing loudly, enjoying their time together. Pretty girls with long hair, their shorts almost as obscenely short.

My eleven year old was watching them. At first, I assumed they were just too noisy for his taste. Too wild. Too close to his age. Making him uncomfortable. Then, with him still watching, I wondered if he was noticing their shorts.

He is growing up. He will eventually notice.

And as we took the gondola back down the mountainside an hour later, he turned to me, “Did you see those girls in line?”


“Well, they had really expensive sunglasses.”

Was that boy code? “Did you see their butts, or what?!”

Or are we only at “how does he know what expensive sunglasses look like?”


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