Domestic Guilt

I brought our broken vacuum cleaner into a small, dark shop after making a challenging left across traffic on my least favorite street.

“I think the belt is broken,” I said.

The elderly gentleman sniffed as he examined it. “This certainly needs servicing.”

Even the guy working in the vacuum cleaner repair shop has the power to make me feel guilty!

“And it desperately needs to be cleaned.”


“You realize you should bring your vacuum cleaner in at least every five years to be serviced?”

“Then it is about that time,” I chirped. Why so snotty?

“When a belt is broken, it is not just the belt. But this is a good vacuum cleaner,” hinting, it seemed, that I do not deserve such a thing given its poor state. “It is worthwhile to fix it.”

The vacuum cleaner and I are salvageable!

“I will call you in a few days to let you know what I think.”

Or not?


One thought on “Domestic Guilt

  1. Lefty Wright says:

    Tell the man to go screw himself and bring your vacuum cleaner to a friendlier repair shop.

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