To Each His Unique Mind

My three boys are all very different from one another. They process the world n their unique ways. Their minds pause on very different things, as shown by snippets of conversation with each from the same day last weekend.

The Fifth Grader

“Dad, why don’t most people notice that the sky is a different, darker blue at the top than it is near the horizon?”

The Fourth Grader (while helping in the yard)

“Mom, it’s not fair that grown-ups get paid more than kids for doing the exact same job.”

“Well, you’re paying adults for their experience, stronger muscles, more school.”

“But I can do anything you can,” he said, as I suffered the three leaves he picked up for every fourth armload of mine making it into our trashcan, “and if you paid someone else to do it, I’d bet you’d pay him a hundred dollars.”

The Kindergartner

“Mom, me and my friends were giving each other wedgies at school today. Do you want me to give you one?”

“No, thanks.”

“But it is soooo funny!”

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