Peyton Manning and the Party City Guy

The leaves are changing colors, and we woke up to our first snowfall this week. The clothing style at school is confused – shorts with ski jackets. Talk of Halloween costumes started weeks ago. So yesterday, I took the boys to Party City to pick theirs out.

Pulling into the parking lot, we passed a guy in a Frankenstein-like costume with a scary mask the size of three heads.

“I wonder who that really is,” my fourth grader said, as Frankenstein twirled a big Party City arrow to entice drivers to visit. “What if it’s Peyton Manning?!”

“Yeah!” shouted the kindergartner, “Go Peyton!”

Then spoke the sarcastic preteen from the back seat, “Right… Hey, Coach, I’ve got to miss practice again today. They scheduled my Frankenstein shift at Party City.”

Peyton came up again later, as he often does in our Denver home. “Did you know that he makes $50,000 a pass, even if it’s not a completion?”

The fourth grader shook his head, “Guess he doesn’t need that Party City job anymore.”


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