Rappin’ Rainbows

My boys were talking about ROYGBIV.

Not really listening or thinking apparently, I said, “He sounds like a rapper.”

Or the colors of the rainbow, Mom!”

My ten-year-old went so far as to call me “dumb” between guffaws.

I tried to recover.

But then, they told their dad at dinner. “Mom thinks Roy G. Biv is a rapper.”

I got the “am-I-really-married-to-you?” look, and lost all hope that this was going away.

I smiled sweetly, “It’s a good name for a rapper.”

Roy G. Biv, the rapper, visits frequently now. He hitches a ride in our car. He shows up for dinner. He might even come on vacation with us… because the boys have a new rap, which they perform with scary contortions they call “dance”.

I’m Roy G. Biv
And I like the rainbow
Red, orange and yellow
Green, blue and indigo

I’m Roy G. Biv
And I’m awesome, awesome awesome.

Now don’t forget violet
Cause that’s my fave
If you’ve seen a rainbow
Let’s do the wave

Stand up, people!
Let’s do the wave!

I’m Roy G. Biv
Roy G. Biv
And I’m awesome!

My husband’s shout-out at the end?

“But my mom’s not so smart!”


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