Strange Quotes on Food

These quotes were said by my ten, nine and five year old boys this summer.

“I don’t know why, but whenever I eat cantaloupe, this spot on my head gets itchy,” he points near his temples. “Only for a minute though.”

“Pickles make my left eye twinge.”

“Strawberries make my hair itch.”

“I’m allergic to tomatoes,” then after finally trying tomatoes… “Remember when I used to be allergic to tomatoes? Well, I’m not anymore.”

“I don’t like French fries.” (What kid says that?)

“No peanut butter! Yuck!” (Or that?)

“I don’t like ice cream cakes. Only real cakes. And real ice cream. Not touching.”

Then last night, we had barbecue ribs. They were all clinking glasses and chanting, “Cheers to the pig we’re eating!”


2 thoughts on “Strange Quotes on Food

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I’m glad you write these down. They’re either “huh?”, funny, or both!

  2. frugoal says:

    Very cute! Cheers to pigs as well!

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