Summer Writer’s Block

This summer, I have struggled to come up with topics to write about. I carry my notebook everywhere. I put pen to paper and either stare off into space or cross out whatever it is I manage to put down there.

I wait for my boys to say something funny.

I hit my head against the desk.


Then last week, we were on a four-hour drive during which the boys played Minecraft in the backseat between snacks, while my husband played seven episodes of a more than 150-episode podcast on the history of Rome. He was still pre-Caesar, but I know what you’re thinking…it’s the podcasts.


I looked back at the kids, and my nine year old glanced at me and smiled. His blue eyes sparkled and his grin stretched across his freckled face. Then he looked back down at his game.

That’s when it hit me.

I have been spending too much time with my guys. While our days are fun and relatively care-free all summer, I have not had a date night, an appointment, a haircut, a few hours alone or time with my friends. The boys’ cuteness – that thing that often inspires me to write – doesn’t always seem so cute, creative, amazing after the millionth time in a given day when your hair looks like Medusa’s.

I am tired of saying “stop annoying your brother,” “stop touching your brother,” “turn off the iPad,” “stop with the attitude,” “did anyone just hear what I said?!”

When they are at school, they are happy to see me when I pull up in carpool line. They tell me stories about their day (sometimes). Their translations of life are hysterical. I get hugs after an especially long day.

Then my nine year old flashed that grin on our four-hour car ride like a slice of another season.

All those moments that I cherish during the school year are happening. All the things that I typical write about are there.

I just need time off…

…because my boys are great kids. They tell me funny stories. They play nicely most of the time. They tell me jokes. They want me to swim with them, play basketball with them, snuggle, hug, listen, laugh with them. And we are having a great summer. There is so much to write about.

And all it takes is one smile and an overdue date night to bring me back. Inspired.


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