The Pre-School Playdate

When you are a mom who works from home, you sometimes invite a playdate over for your kids so that they are entertained while you do work. It keeps them away from unsupervised video games and stops them from interrupting you every five minutes with “Are you almost done?” But the pre-school playdate can backfire.

“Buckle your seatbelt, sweetie,” I say. Torrential downpour outside.

“I can’t,” says the friend, as I hear the click of my son’s seatbelt. So I get out of the car in the rain and buckle up the friend.

About fifteen minutes into the playdate, a call comes up from the basement where the boys are playing: “I’ve been having watery poops lately, and there’s some in my pants.”

“Coming,” I call down to the friend. I bring wipes, some extra clothes and tell him to clean himself up.

Twenty minutes later, the kid is still pantless and playing with Legos.

“Where are the pants?”

“They don’t fit. Can I wear mine?”

“Isn’t there poop in them?

“No, just in my underpants.”

This time, I make sure he is dressed before heading back upstairs.

Fifteen minutes later, “Another watery poop, but it all went in the potty!”

He sounds so proud.

“Good job!” Phew, I think until….

I go downstairs to switch the laundry, and he is pantless once again. “Get your pants on.”

I am starting to wonder about this kid.

“I need wipes.”

“You’re playing Legos with poop still on your butt?”

“I need wipes.” He shrugs, looking at me like I am an idiot.

Time to bring the friend home. He is dressed but struggling with his shoes. Is it just that he’s the oldest child? Have I forgotten now that I have three?

We are late. Still raining while I buckle his seatbelt.

“I’m hungry.”

“We really have to get you home.” I picture my other boys sitting in the rain at carpool while the playdate delays me.

“But I am starving!” he cries.

Back in the house. Get the friend a snack. Back to the car in the rain. Very wet now. May have ruined my new shoes.

“Can you open my snack?”

I love this kid, but playdates before kindergarten aren’t easy.

Then after a quick goodbye, my five year old says, “This is the best day.” Big grin.


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