I Just Forgot: Diary of a Mom at the End of School

Mercer Mayer’s children’s book, I Just Forgot tells of the unfortunate (sometimes near-calamitous) events that occur as Little Critter realizes what…”I just forgot.”

He gets to school on time, but forgets his lunchbox. He wears his raincoat in the rain, but forgets his boots.

A typical little guy.

But in the homestretch at the end of the school year, it has been me – the mom, not the kids –  feeling like poor Little Critter. One “I just forgot” has led to a long list of “I just forgots” and their not-so-calamitous consequences.

As my husband left for a bike ride, he called over his shoulder, “Can you shut the garage door when I leave?”

“Got it!” And then “I just forgot” until I heard the garage door closing when he returned two hours later.

Then “I just forgot” the marcona almonds he requested from the grocery store (“Aw, where’s the love?), as well as gallon storage bags, chocolate chips (requested multiple times by the kids) and tissues (much-needed during this particular allergy season).

The next morning, the phone rang at 10:39, when I was half-way downtown on an errand that I have yet to complete. It was my son’s teacher, “Are you planning on coming to the Colorado presentation?”

“I just forgot,” and I had exactly six minutes to u-turn it back to school. The good news, since I was more than 10 minutes away, was that she was asking me to show up fifteen minutes late, as my little presenter was still at speech therapy. Phew.

I walked into the classroom, dragging my five year old so he could keep up, just as the teacher drew my third grader’s name from the hat. He was adorable. And as I profusely thanked his teacher for the call, I remembered that “I just forgot” to get teacher thank-you gifts with one day left to go. And I have much to be grateful for!

Off to the store for gifts with a second stop to pick up the marcona almonds, gallon storage bags and tissues. “I just forgot” the chocolate chips again.

Like any multi-tasking mom at the end of the school year, I forget things. This year, however, I am swimming in a river of forgetfulness (and of course, “I just forgot” where that phrase comes from).

I am truly afraid of what will next lead me to say, “I just forgot!”


One thought on “I Just Forgot: Diary of a Mom at the End of School

  1. Anonymous says:

    Make three lists: A “to-do” list, a grocery list, and (for your husband) a “honey-do” list (this, to demonstrate that you don’t own your marriage’s patent for forgetfulness).

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