Mom Over-Thinking: The Nerd Shirt

My boys have lots of t-shirts to show allegiance to their favorite sports teams – Broncos, Redskins, Tarheels, Nuggets, Rockies, Falcons, Nationals and Cardinals. They even have soccer jerseys from Ireland and Springbok rugby shirts from South Africa.

But on a recent flight to Atlanta, while reading the Sky Mall catalogue, I came upon “I love Minecraft” video game t-shirts. My kids are obsessed with the game. So my first thought was “I have to get these shirts!”

Then I froze. I could not believe that for an unguarded moment, I was excited to buy video game t-shirts for my kids.

And days later, I keep wondering why. Am I trying to protect them from the fact that their classmates will think they are dorks? Is it that I do not want to encourage their obsession with video games? Or is it my own opinion that guys who wear video game t-shirts are losers?

It’s not fair. I am perfectly happy to get them sports t-shirts, even when they don’t play the sport. My oldest doesn’t really like sports at all, yet you would never guess that by his apparel.

They should celebrate the things they enjoy, not the things I think make them look cool. If they can show off their favorite football player or play basketball in their favorite basketball player’s jersey, they should be able to play Minecraft in a “I love Minecraft” t-shirt. Right?

Of course, that’s right. I just can’t seem to make the purchase.


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