The Hardest Moments in Parenting So Far

There are moments as a parent when you feel like your heart will break for your kids.
• When you see him standing apart from the crowd, looking awkward, not sure how to enter the conversation.
• When she tells you for the first time that she is not pretty.
• When he cries that he is not good at anything.
• When she doesn’t get invited to the party.
• When he says his life sucks.
• When she believes she is stupid.
• When he doesn’t make the team.
• When she comes in last place.

It hurts you to see your child suffer, because you remember feeling that way once. You had hoped to save them from those painful childhood moments by inviting all the kids to her party, buying him cool clothes, making her play soccer, making him try guitar, getting her cool toys, the cutest dog, and more.

The toughest thing about parenting is realizing you can’t save them. No matter how much you love them and think they are perfect, they will one day be the odd boy or girl out. They will feel pain just like you did once a long time ago.

And then when they are a mom or a dad, thinking life is wonderful because they have such beautiful, amazing children, there will be a day when they see their child standing alone on the sidelines.

You just have to tell yourself that it will be okay and give him extra love until the next day, when he wakes up happy again because you love him, she realizes how smart she is, he discovers his talent, she wins the prize, he makes a new friend.


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