Colorado Legacy Foundation Promotes Health and Wellness for Kids

An apple a day just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

At the fifth annual Colorado Legacy Foundation luncheon, nearly 1,000 guests watched the debut of the Foundation’s latest awareness-raising video ( This, their second in the last few months, focuses on the fact that if children are going to do better in school, then we need to help communities understand that healthier school lunches and more jumping jacks in gym class are not going to solve the problems we face on their own.

According to the Colorado Legacy Foundation, to help our kids live healthier lives, we need to combine that apple and more jumping jacks with safe schools and neighborhoods, less stressful lives at home, and more.

What the Colorado Legacy Foundation clearly understands is that U.S. schools, parents and communities have to work together to address the needs of the whole child. That is the only way to be successful in our mission to raise healthier, better educated young people.

Kids who are scared of violence on their walk home are not going to be able to concentrate in math class. Children who hear their stomachs grumbling all day, every day have a harder time learning to read. Adolescents who worry about their parents’ well-being or state of mind are more likely to struggle on tests.

So when you hear about health and wellness in schools, the Colorado Legacy Foundation wants you to think of the big picture. It’s more than just an apple and a few jumping jacks.

Check out the Foundation’s Health and Wellness video at

Or watch their award-winning video on Expanded Learning Opportunities at


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