A Product Review: Why I’m Mad at My Sister

Hot dog

My sister is the best gift-giver I know. Some years, her Christmas shopping is done in May because she has discovered the perfect gifts for everyone on her list by then. She is always on the look out. She also thinks about what makes people tick when buying them a present.

Her latest present to my kids, however, is making me crazy.

The hot dog slicer by Evriholder.

This gadget is everywhere on the Internet: eBay, Amazon and numerous online toy stores. When they opened the slicer, the kids thought their aunt was crazy. It was funny… at first.

Then they became obsessed with eating hotdogs.

The problem, you ask, besides the uptick in chemicals?

The hotdogs we buy are too long for the slicer. So first Mom has to cut off the end. Then as Mom slices, Mom get splattered in hotdog juice. Mom puts the ketchup in the attached dog bowl, the kids eat happily.

You’re thinking I’m just a hotdog slicing scrooge, right?

The second child sees that the first is eating a hotdog out of the very special Evriholder hotdog slicer and immediately starts begging for his. As soon as the third notices that he has been neglected, he joins the chorus, just in time for the first child to ask for another hotdog.

By the time they are done, Mom is covered in hotdog juice and that unique hotdog scent, and there’s still the task of cleaning out the stuck hotdog skins.

Of course, you can’t throw it away. That would seem ungrateful. And mean to three boys who once again received the perfect gift from their aunt.

You’d be mad at your sister too.


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