Hold Your Breath Now…

“I never would have thought these words would come out of my mouth.”

He has mastered the dramatic pause.

“What is it?” I asked my ten year old son.

“I really didn’t think I would ever say this, but…”

I am holding my breath now.

“… I want to play hockey.”

Ice hockey?!” A few of his friends play, but the only time he tried skating, he hung on to the wall and glared at me with his “you will die a painful death for bringing me to this party” stare.


“You realize you have to learn to…” he learned the dramatic pause from me… “skate?”


“How about lacrosse?” I asked because the same friends who play hockey asked him to join their lacrosse team.

“Why would I want to play that?”

“Because you don’t have to skate.”

“I really want to play hockey.”


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