A Tired Mommy

A bad night is when your son wakes you up at 2:30am in a total panic that he cannot breathe. Listening to the amount of snot he keeps sucking back in, you quickly realize all he needs to do is blow his nose a few hundred times. Of course, then he keeps crying that he is too scared to go to sleep because he is afraid he will stop breathing. (More evidence that men are drama queens when they get the slightest bit sick.)

You double up on pillows for him so his head is raised. The rest of the night is spent listening to his gloppy breathing, weak nose blowing and noisy water guzzling. And when you wake up thirsty, you realize he’s been drinking your water.

Less than three hours later, he wakes up crying that his eardrum is exploding.

Of course, by the time the sun comes up, he has studied for his vocabulary test and is enthusiastically telling me all about the digestive system… for the hundredth time this week.

One thought on “A Tired Mommy

  1. Richard J Dowling says:

    You need a rest. Why don’t you take a few weeks off, maybe take a trip to . . . oh, I don’t know . . . South Africa.

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