The Greatest Invention Ever

My son had a homework assignment to decide what he believes is the most important invention in history. Part of his assignment was to ask other people what they believe it was. I said the alphabet and the light bulb. His younger brother said houses and iPads.

He chose “the airplane invented by the Wright Brothers”, and this is what he wrote:

“I think the airplane is important because you can get where you want to go a lot faster. You can go on trips and go on fun adventures. I encountered someone who had drugs on the plane and got arrested. Going on airplanes is fun and you might get to go with your loved ones. I think fun and love are the most important things. I thank the Wright Brothers for inventing the airplane.”

It may not win the Nobel Prize for Literature (or even a good grade), but I can still have my favorite parts: his use of the word “encountered”, the fact that an arrest we witnessed more than a year ago found its way into the story to make it uniquely his, and that he chose an invention because it helps people do fun things with those they love… just enjoying the sweet way his brain works.


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