A View from Preschool: Dinosaur Extinction

At dinner tonight, we ended up discussing different theories regarding the extinction of mammoths, mastodons and dinosaurs.

After visiting the new Mammoth exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (www.dmns.org) this weekend, my older boys were debating the four most popular theories:
• Change in environment
• Reduction in numbers due to hunting
• A meteor hitting Earth
• A disease that scientists have yet to detect

My preschooler offered a fifth theory, which he is certain to be true.

“Aliens came from space during the Ice Age, and they landed in a place where there weren’t too many dinosaurs. They surprised the dinosaurs and captured them and ate them. And then when the humans came along looking for the dinosaurs, they scared the aliens away. So the aliens disappeared from Earth. And no one knows where the dinosaurs went because no one can ask the aliens what happened to them.”

There is such certainty in youth. I imagine him thinking, “Why are you old farts debating these ridiculous theories? It was definitely the aliens.”


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