Boy Talk Overheard in the Car

I was driving my three boys and their friends (ages five to ten) home after swimming at an indoor pool with a lazy river and a huge slide. They were singing, telling bad jokes, reciting Garfield comics, and taunting each other with crazy nicknames. Then…

“You know what I’m really sad about?” asked the oldest of the kids.

The clowning around in the back seat ceased. He did sound sad. “What?” the other boys responded together.

“I’m sad I won’t be alive to see the greatest inventions in the universe.”

“Yeah,” agreed his suddenly sobered friend. “There’s a lot of stuff we’re not going to see.”

“Like flying in a time machine.”

“Or looking down a street filled with flying cars.”

“Or staying in a hotel on Mars.”

“Yeah, they’ll probably have resorts on Mars in a hundred years.”

“I’d have to live to be 110.”

“I’d have to live to be 108.”

“But by the time we turn 70, they’re going to invent a pill that makes you live longer.”

“So maybe we will go to Mars for vacation.”

“Did you know the sun is half-way done with its life?” Sigh. “Only 5 billion years to go.”

“And then it is going to explode.”

“But the earth might survive. By then someone will invent a shield.”

“We’re going to miss that too.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m really sad about.”


One thought on “Boy Talk Overheard in the Car

  1. that is hilarious! Leave it to boys to even think of that stuff!

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