Family Fantasy Football: The Playoffs

I’m out.

Mom’s hands-off approach regarding her team did not prove successful. Those bye weeks kill you when you’re not paying attention!

So our fourth grader and I failed to make the playoffs. We are keeping our chins up, however, and being quite good sports about the whole disaster.

The third grader, who knows more about football than most people on the planet, will face our dog next week in a close battle for third place. He too is demonstrating a surprising dose of composure and good sportsmanship, but I worry that a loss by the Falcons next weekend could send him into a funk that lasts until our Family March Madness Pool three months away.

So…. in the Super Bowl of Family Fantasy Football 2012, its a confident Dad against the come-from-behind five year old.

The question for the rest of us is who to cheer for. Do you go for the obvious underdog, so that the guy who named his team The Best even before the season started does not have the chance to gloat endlessly? Or do you get behind the player with the best prize if he wins?

You see, a win means you get to pick a special dinner for the entire family. Dad wants to go out for dinner.

The five year old, whose team is Luke Skywalker, plans to celebrate with Fruit Loops.


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