Santa’s Youngest Son

I mailed my sons’ Christmas wish lists to Santa this afternoon. So tonight, I asked my kids what they wanted from me.

“If it’s on your Santa list, I shouldn’t get it just in case,” I said.

They all nodded in serious agreement.

My third grader, who may have the longest list on the planet, then jumped up and down yelling out everything he could think of that had not been mentioned in his letter to Santa.

My fourth grader said, “but it’s Santa’s youngest son who reads the letters. Not Santa.”

Not sure how that relates to my shopping next week, but….

And my five year old, who only wrote to Santa about two Skylander figures, said, “I don’t need anything else.”

The funny thing is, the one with the embarrassingly long list is the hardest to shop for. Otherwise, there would be nearly 50-60 Skylander action figures under our tree on Christmas morning… just for him. And Santa’s youngest son would be out of a job.


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