The End of the World

My kids have been obsessed about the end of the world, due to the prediction that the sun was going to blow up yesterday on 12/12/12.

If not yesterday, then next Friday.

My fourth grader, who is especially concerned, informed me only hours after the explosion deadline passed that “the Mayans were the ones who started it.”

Like a rumor that keeps gaining strength.

“But they disappeared long before 12/12/12,” I said. “So maybe that was them being really optimistic. Maybe if the Mayan civilization still existed, they’d push it out a few thousand years, especially if they still had all that gold.”

“They had gold?” Money and gold distracts my third grader from whatever he is doing. He immediately starts calculating what he would buy.

He also is more realistic in his assessment of his surroundings, adding, “It’s just a guy who wants to make lots of money by saying the world is going to end.”

“How would he make money off that?” asked his gullible brother.

“He tells people he can make the sun not explode if they pay him millions of dollars.”

“People are stupid,” added mom.

“Yeah, you can’t stop the sun from exploding,” said the still worried one.

“That’s what he says though. And they pay him.”

“So what is he saying now?” I asked.

“The Mayans made a mistake. It’s really next Friday.”

Smart guy. Blame the Mayans, who aren’t around to defend themselves. Keep raking int he bucks.

My fourth grader sighed. “Now all we have to do is worry about next Friday.”


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