A Coming of Age Moment in the Kitchen

I pulled or strained a muscle in my right hand while walking our crazy dog. So daily tasks are somewhat of a challenge lately. Buttoning shirts, turning the knob on the can opener, and clipping fingernails all surprisingly hurt.

So the other night, I was making lettuce wraps and could not open the jar of necessary Hoisin Sauce.

My ten year old, who was watching me cook and talking about his upcoming report on the Battle of Little Bighorn, offered to help.

I was about to say it was too tight for him, but I stopped myself. Why say that? Why not let him try?

I handed him the jar.

It took him only a few seconds to open it and hand it back to me with a smile. “You’re weak, mom.”

And that was when I realized that from this day forward, my son will always be stronger than I am.


One thought on “A Coming of Age Moment in the Kitchen

  1. Elizabeth Hotmail says:

    The other boys make me laugh and smile….he makes me laugh and smile and cry.

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