Why Parents Need Grandparents’ Day

My mother always wonders at the number of parents who stick around for Grandparents’ Day.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about it. First, some of us are starting to feel protective of our parents. We want to make things easier for them when they are with us, since they are often not.

Second, at my sons’ school, it is one of the only opportunities to watch our kids perform – Grandparents’ Day and the Spring Concert, which isn’t until nearly May. Maybe if there were more concerts throughout the year, we would force ourselves to stay away for this one.

I doubt it though, because as parents, we get something important out of Grandparents’ Day. Not from our children, but from our parents. And this is why I think we really go. We get validation. We get to see our kids through our own parents’ eyes. We watch carefully, waiting for our parents to smile proudly when our sons and daughters step on stage or raise their hand when a teacher asks for a volunteer.

“That’s my grandson!”

Because when they are proud, when they smile, when you see how happy they are receiving a hug from our kids, then we know we are on track as parents.

Parenting is our most important job, and we learned what we know mostly from our kids’ grandparents. We have always sought approval from them. But this is the one task that matters most. We want them to see all that we learned from them. And though grandparents may be unconditional in their love of their grandchildren, we still get so much out of seeing that smile.

So, we do tend to get in the way a little at Grandparents’ Day. But like our kids, who love performing for their grandparents, we come away feeling like we just got a standing ovation too. And as grandparents know, those can be hard to come by in the day-to-day of parenting.


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