Can We Talk About Girls?

“Mom, can we talk about girls?” asked my third grade boy last night at 9:30 from the top bunk.

“Okay,” I sat on the edge of his brother’s bed, who sat up faster than the blink of an eye. This was interesting.

“What age do most boys start liking girls?” The third grader has always been my girl-hater. Won’t even speak to them.

Here was my chance.

“It depends on the boy. Some always get along with girls. Some start in third grade. Some in fifth.”


“I started liking girls in kindergarten,” said the fourth grader.

“You can like girls without them having to be your girlfriend. I think most boys don’t really start liking girls that way until fifth grade. In third grade, they just start being okay.”

He was blushing.


“Well, I was asking because… well, some of them aren’t as annoying as they used to be.”

“Which ones? Which ones?” chanted the fourth grader.

Then to our surprise, he said the name of the one girl who he saw every day this summer and only once said hello.

And he was still blushing.


3 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Girls?

  1. awwwww… adorable. I am 52, married, and have two daughters, and I am still not really sure if girls are okay or not…
    (that was supposed to be a joke)

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