Advertising and Kids

I can imagine the conversation that took place years ago around the boardroom at some up-and-coming advertising agency.

“Who’s your target audience?” asked the executive.

The new gal froze. She desperately wanted to impress, but she’d been up all night with this annoying tune in her head that her kids were singing while doing their homework.

“Kids,” she said.

A few of her colleagues snickered.

The executive’s eyebrow went up, typically a sign that he was about to fire someone. “And why would you target kids in a television ad for cleaning fluid?”

“Because they repeat everything they hear a million times. They sing the songs over and over again until you can’t get the lyrics out of your head… They ask their parents why don’t we have that cleaning fluid. They never stop. And they believe everything they hear. It’s a good way to grow brand recognition.”

That new gal earned a promotion.

It must be so. Here’s a snippet of the conversation my kids and I had in the car yesterday.

“Mom, do you have Verizon or AT&T?” asked the ten year old.


“Do you think AT&T lies about Verizon not being good?”

“I don’t think they lie exactly. Companies who are competing just try to make you think they are the best,” I said.

“Which one works best for the iPad?”

“No idea.”

“Which one works best for the phone?”

“Depends where you are. Verizon is better in some places, because they have more towers or satellites there. Then AT&T has more somewhere else.”

“Oh,” he paused. He’s a thinker. “What about Sprint? You can hear them everywhere.”

“I don’t think it’s great in parts of Colorado.”

“No, you can hear everything on Sprint phones everywhere, mom. Really!”


“Can you hear me now?” he grinned.

Then he added, “When I get a phone, I’m getting Sprint.”

“Me too,” the five year old piped in.

Then the ten year old again, “How come we don’t use 409? Don’t you want clean counters?”


One thought on “Advertising and Kids

  1. I think you’ve revolutionized advertising. Their minds are like sponges.

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