The Switch Witch

Apparently, my sisters and I missed out on a very cool visitor when we were kids. Now my kids are missing out too.

According to legend, some very lucky households get visited by the Switch Witch a few days after Halloween.

Why I am only hearing of her now, at 45?!

Some time in the middle of the night, so the legend goes, she shows up, steals all the leftover Halloween candy in the entire house… and switches it for a gift.

The Switch Witch, though a witch and a thief, is not mean. She feels bad about her candy-stealing ways. She just can’t help herself.

So she leaves a present for each child from whom she has stolen – a set of Legos, a doll, a video game, a new basketball, a Broncos jersey – to make up for her wrongdoing. You see, she hates to see a kid cry.

I don’t know much else about her. She could be a twenty-something, granola chick with a dark side who is traveling the world to find herself…and come Halloween, storing up candy for her next year’s trek. She could be hundreds of years old but roam only in Colorado – which might explain my ignorance – because travel by broomstick is tough on her aging butt and back.

I wonder if she’s received travel tips from Santa. Maybe she is his delinquent sister, or the Easter Bunny’s cousin on the lam. Maybe she’s the forgotten daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West with a warped vision of right and wrong. Or Robin Hood’s grand-niece.

I’d like to send her an invitation to our house next Halloween.

Dear Switch Witch,

Please feel free to come by our house the first week of November for years to come. We will leave our candy out and keep the dog in the crate at night. (She’s friendly, but she jumps, and if you are short or elderly, I worry she will knock you over).

We are a family of three boys who love to trick-or-treat, and our neighbors are generous to a fault when it comes to sweets. You will like our house. And the boys won’t cry if you make the Switch Witch switch.

We usually eat all the Reeses on Halloween night anyway.

With respect,
Our Family

2 thoughts on “The Switch Witch

  1. rosedixon says:

    How lovely and mysterious

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