Buddy Rocks

My five year old son’s imaginary friend – who has been coming by the house on and off for a few months – showed up at school for the first time today. He apparently was much quieter than the other kids, but did get in trouble once for sitting on the top of four stacked chairs – dangerous and against classroom rules.

Buddy played nicely with others. He was very engaged in the activities of the morning. My son’s friends were extremely accepting of the new kid – their friend now too – Buddy.

The teacher said she was really glad that he introduced Buddy to the class. Especially since my son started off the day with a meltdown because he’d left his Jumbo Red Puffle on the kitchen counter.

Tears, kicking, and “I am not going to school ever again!”

“I want my Red Puffle!” from the little heap of drama in the middle of the reading area when I left.

It seems Buddy showing up a few minutes later saved the day.

Imaginary friends rock.


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