The Madonna Concert: A Letter to the Rockstar from a Mom

Dear Madonna,

I am not a concert-goer. It is too loud, and crowds make me tense. Apparently, I have major sensory issues that no one ever told me about. I only learned about them when my son had the same.

But I REALLY wanted to go to your concert. You just performed in Denver, and the tickets were outrageously expensive. As a result, I may be the only woman between 40-50 in the city who was not there.

I was envious. I admit it. I have always wanted to see you perform. You are a master.

So when every mom at preschool drop-off, and my son’s teacher, and my friends all complained today that you did not come on stage until 10:45 p.m., I did a little mean happy dance.

I am so sorry!

And when they said that some of your new songs were really dark — even offensively violent — I practically twirled. I am not nice. Apparently, if I am not having fun, I want my friends to suffer.

Yet it made me sad. You are a tremendously talented woman with kids who apparently has no idea how the average mom lives. You are a mom. But you are not one of us. And we would welcome you with open arms. Maybe that is why your music is lost. Why you sing songs about killing all your boyfriends and have blood splattering across the big screen on stage. Really?

Madonna, honey, first of all, we don’t stay up past 10 o’clock for anything! These girls were tired when you showed up! The only chance you had was to play all of your old songs that we loved and danced to, those songs that we listened to when we were the 20-something chick we miss desperately in our current state of 40s motherhood. Don’t you have anyone telling you what it is like to be your fan? Who we are? What we need from you on the one night in 365 that we get out — and everyone I know did that for you!

Madonna, come back to Denver and do a concert for motherhood. Come on stage at 8:00. That gives us a chance to have our two glasses of wine before you come on, but we won’t be too tired to stand up stand for you, to dance, to cheer, to scream your name. We will go crazy for you at 8:00. Then sing your old songs, even if you think they are not as musically impressive as your new ones. We have babysitters, or have bribed our husbands into giving us a night on the town, so that we can feel young again, free again, wild again, sexy again. That is your gift if you choose to give it.

Your fans are moms. They are 40-something. You inspire them when you recognize that they are the ones filling the seats. Come back to Denver and do it again… for us this time.

Much admiration,


One thought on “The Madonna Concert: A Letter to the Rockstar from a Mom

  1. janna says:

    Ditto! I did go to the Madonna concert in Seattle. My friend sent an email to a bunch of us way back in May to see if we wanted to go. Yes! Wait, HOW MUCH are those tickets? Three HUNDRED and sixty dollars??? I also had to pay to fly home but seeing Madonna with five girlfriends would be PRICELESS.

    We were annoyed by the concert not starting until 10:30 but had heard about that being part of the plan. Okay, we could spend a little more time at dinner. But, when she came out with guns, camo and war paraphernalia my enthusiasm was dampened. Moving on to the “Bang, bang, I shot my boyfriend dead,” and blood dripping down the jumbotron I was getting angry. By the time the first few sets were over I was ready to walk out! Three hundred and sixty dollars be damned! I was still standing stunned and ready to leave when the Marching Band set started at which time I told my friend that if she pulled out a gun, I was walking out. I think it took me 30-45 minutes to finally trust that I could even begin to relax and enjoy the concert. The rest was ‘pretty’ good but I did not leave overly inspired by any means.

    I guess it wouldn’t be Madonna unless she is shocking you but REALLY? I think she has mistakenly attributed her success to shocking her audience. Maybe it was more about believing in yourself and living courageously. Maybe that is why she has a following that is willing to pay almost four hundred dollars. There were a small group of people that were apparently enjoying the whole concert. Next time she better plan on smaller venues with less of a price tag.

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